Quality Reversing Sensors


PARKPRO parking sensor systems are the most advanced systems in the world and are covered by an industry leading 6 year warranty.

All PARKPRO parking systems, whether they utilise 2 or 4 sensor heads, are free from the ‘blind spots’ typically found in low quality sensor kits with narrow detection zones.

PARKPRO sensor heads have 160° horizontal and 70° vertical detection zones. Multiply this by 4 and the coverage is the best in the world. The ability to detect a 30mm pole is the industry standard.

Typically, other brands do not even compare. Due to their low cost designs most other parking sensors can only offer 90° wide detection zones therefore creating numerous ‘Blind spots’ behind the vehicle. Your child might be playing in one of these blind spots!

PARKPRO sensors stand for quality and cheaper brands don’t compare.

Price: $329 installed

Special: Combine front and rear sensor system for only $599 and save!


When reverse gear is engaged the system will emit a one second audible tone after completing a self-diagnostic check. If an object is detected a sequence of beeps via a hidden audible speaker will get faster until a continuous tone is heard indicating the vehicle is now within 30cm of the obstacle.

If your vehicle is fitted with a tow bar or rear mounted spare wheel the system can be programmed to ‘ignore’ these and work as normal. A factory style ‘mute’ switch is also installed for use when towing.


  • Metal ECU control box
  • Adjustable range and sensitivity
  • Adjustable volume control and mute function
  • Self diagnostic check on startup



    The most advanced sensor system available.


    Learning capability to ignore tow-bars and rear mounted spare wheels


    Low profile, small diameter sensors.


    Mute function switch for use when towing.


    Active when you need it and silent when you don’t.

YouTube Reversing Sensor Video

PARKPRO specialises in the mobile installation in and around Melbourne of quality OEM reversing sensors, rear parking sensors, parking sensors, front parking sensors and offer and industry leading 6 year warranty. Call us today for free no obligation advice on all your reversing needs.